Donate $1 to the North Shore Animal League!

Thanks for giving us a million likes–it was amazing to watch them come in! We saved Millie as a result, but now we want to help save more dogs, cats, and other animals. We’re issuing another challenge: how much money can one dedicated family raise for animal rescue?

We want to raise money for The North Shore Animal League, the world’s largest no-kill animal shelter and the place where we adopted Millie. You gave us your “like” and helped us rescue Millie—now give North Shore just $1 (or more if you’d like) to rescue more animals. Donate at our IndieGoGo page today! You can also help by sharing our campaign on Facebook or Twitter.

Note: our family will not make any money from your donations at IndieGoGo. We’re working with North Shore (they’re providing many of the perks there) and we will give 100% of the money we raise through the Millie’s Millions campaign to them. As you can see on the fundraising page, we have verified the non-profit status of this fund-raising campaign.

Though our viral success was quite a surprise, we hope to use this site to do some good for other animals and to teach our daughters how to use a public platform.

Who We Are

You may have first seen our family when we kids challenged our dad: if we could get 1 million likes on Facebook, he’d buy us a puppy. He didn’t think we could do it, but you proved him wrong! In just 7 hours, we had our million likes. By the time the craziness was over, we had nearly 5 million likes on our pictures and page. Dad came through on his promise, and we adopted Millie (named for her million likes!) just a few days later.

This site will follow our family and new puppy. We’ll update you on Millie’s development, discuss animal rescue organizations from around the world, and review pet care products and services. We hope to feature rescued animal stories each week. If you have a story to share, email us!

Our Viral Sensation

This video, from a local TV station in Boston, summarizes our amazing experience becoming a viral hit on Facebook: